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Live Captions in Zoom

Live transcription is now available for Zoom meetings. Here’s how you enable it. This feature must be enabled by the host presenter and uses automatic voice recognition to create a real-time transcript; also thought of as closed-captions. There are two steps (three if you need to update Zoom!). The version used below is version 5.8.4…

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Taking advantage of what’s available!

One of the great benefits of being a part of the AU/UGA Medical Partnership is the strength that comes with being part of much larger institutions. Among those is access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and also the myriad of training material available through LinkedIn Learning (formerly Linda.com). Adobe Creative Cloud – available through AU…

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Poll Everywhere is coming to town!

Our (semi)weekly blog featuring a case study from our new tool – Poll Everywhere: Engaging 100 Radiology Students with innovative polling Please note that although Dr. Shah indicates using the tool to assess, the real potential of this tool is its ability to facilitate engagement. Students can use their laptop, mobile device, or tablet to…

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So many tabs open in your browser!

We all do it. I’m certainly guilty (but not as guilty as some!) It’s probably the combination of a scarcity mindset colliding with a never-ending search for knowledge/information. Whatever the motivation, I don’t close browser tabs because I might want to get back to that page at some point. Tools like OneNote, EverNote, and a…

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